Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose(HPMC) is cold water soluble hydrocolloids, it is nonionic cellulose ethers purified from natural plant fibers. 

HPMC is soluble in cold water and some special solvents or solvents/water mixes.It is neutral taste and odourless.HPMC can form reversible gel when temperature increase.HPMC is high performance multi-funcational ingredients as film former, thickener,oil barrier, moisture-retention, suspending agent,etc used in Personnel care, Food, Construction, PVC suspending, Painting& Coat, etc.


We have ranges of HPMC for the applications designed.The product quality meets international standard.Detailed specification available on request.

Properties & functionality

*Film/gelation former: The HPMC forms transparent, soft, semi-firm gels when heating the solution at 58-64℃(136-147oF). The gelation enhances barrier ability in coating system and it is one of the best film former.

*Thickener: Increase solution viscosity by adding a small amount of HPMC.Pseudoplastic flow improve mouthfeel and nonionic characteristic show good compatibility to high salts/sugars.

*Surface activity: HPMC show interfacial activity, can be used for suspension agent and emulsifier to in many foods due to the unique property of surface activity.

*Binding:  HPMC have very good binding ability that is helpful to improve cling in many foods like bakery icing and glazing,batter mixing,etc.

*Excellent Moisture retention

*Consistent Stabilization

CAS Number: 9004-65-3

Packaging:packed in 25kg net multiply paper bags,shrinkwrapped on pallets or as per customer requested design.

Storage: keep original packaging sealed,stored in water-proof,clean and dry conditions.

Shelf life: 2years after production stored as above requested

More product and detailed specs available upon request. We dedicated to develop product to meet customer demand properly.

Post time: May-13-2019

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