Xanthan Gum functionality in Oil Field

Xanthan Gum provides optimal viscosity characteristics Fluids in drilling, work-over,and completion operations. Optimum fluid performance is achieved when viscosity is minimized at high flow rates(such as at the drilling bit)and when viscosity is increased at low flow rates(as in the annular region),and under static conditions.

In additon to providing optimal viscosity characteristics, xanthan gum regains structure when circulation ceases.This property prevents setting of particles and is unique among hydrocolloid polymers commonly used in oil field applications.Sheer thinning viscosity characteristics with extended power behavior closely approximate the ideal viscosity profile for fluids used in the following applications.

Drilling fluids – The unique low shear rate viscosity of xanthan gum enhances the suspension properties of low colloid and bentonite-free fluid formulations.In addition,the pseudoplastic behavior of xanthan formulated systems provides optimum hydraulic efficiency of drilling fluids.It reduces pressure losses within the drill string,allowing maximum hydraulic power to be delivered to the bit.As a result,penetration rates can be increased.Other benefits from fluids formulated with xanthan gum include improved bottom-hole cleaning,increased cutting-carrying capacity under annular shear-rate conditions,and better separation efficiency in mechanical solids-control equipment.Because xanthan gum is compatible with most drilling fluid additives,it can be used in a wide variety of fluid formulations.These fluids include those with high pH,fresh water,and seawater,as well as electrolyte-inhibited systems containing dissolved electrolytes like calcium,potassium,and sodium.For special drilling applications,xanthan gum is also used to formulate stiff foams to improve stability and carrying capacity for drilled cuttings.

Workover and completion fluids – The pseudo-plastic properties of fluids formulated with xanthan gum make it a highly useful additive for workover and completion operations.Other key features include its compatibility with most field-formulated brines,its temperature and pH stability,and its lack of shear degradation.It provides superior solids suspension,friction reduction and minimal formation damage.

Hydraulic fracturing – Xanthan gum provides excellent visco-elastic properties for water-or acid-based hydraulic fracturing fluids.Its unique properties offer improved proppant suspension and maximum viscosity within the fracture without damaging fracture conductivity.

Gravel packing – Carrier fluids formulated with xanthan gum improve the stability and durability of gravel packs.In additon,these fluids allow efficient gravel placement in deviated wells,improved slurry transport at high gravel concentrations,and superior suspension at low polymer concentrations.At the same time,xanthan gum-based fluids protect formation permeability.

Coiled tubing operations – Xanthan gum allows higher pumping rates by reducing friction-pressure losses in coiled tubing units.The increased flow rates allow solids to be removed more efficiently from the well.Field experience has indicated that xanthan gum can double the flow rates obtained with water and can ofen provide a 25-60% improvement over other polymers.

Enhanced oil recovery – Xanthan gum forms viscous,pseudoplastic fluids with superior mobility control for efficient fluid diaplacement in secondary and tertiary oil recovery processes.


We have ranges of Xanthan Gum for oilfield drilling fluids.The product specification meets API13A or ISO13500.

Oilfield Grade Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum XC          Xanthan Gum XCD

Xanthan Gum XC HV       Xanthan Gum XCD HV

Detailed specification and technical information available on request. Our technical team are ready to customize the product specially for customers’ demand.

Post time: May-13-2019

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