Food application

  • Xanthan Gum in Food Applications

    Xanthan gum in food applications functions as building up viscosity,suspension, provide stability and improves rheology,easy to pour and enhance cling.In beverages, a slight increase in viscosity imparts the sensation of enhanced body.Partially replacing high concentrations of starch in many food...
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  • High quality Thickener Carboxymethyl cellulose in Food Application

    Food Grade CMC,as a high viscosity clarified solution hydrocolloid,can be used in various foods include beverage,bakery,dairy,seasonings,etc with properties of thickening, emulsifier,texture/body-building,stabilizer,etc.,The excellent performance of CMC in food can improve mouthfeel,extend shelf ...
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  • Gellan Gum

    Gellan Gum is natural occurred biopolymer that produced by carbohydrate fermentation with Pseudomonas elodea. Gellan Gum is white or creamy white powder.It is soluble in water to form viscos solutions or gel in different conditions. It is used as excellent water gelling agent,suspending agent,thi...
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